Sell Domain Names

Businesses and individuals sell domain names in order to make a profit from domain names that are no longer relevant to them or have increased in value since they first registered the domain name.


Why Sell Domain Names Through BrandSOS?

Discretion – BrandSOS works with and is trusted by major brand owners. We only share a small number of select, relevant domain names with a given buyer. All negotiations and sales are kept confidential.

Experience – Our experts know how to navigate the process of selling to corporations, and also understand the importance of managing everyone’s expectations during high value domain name sale negotiations.

Our team has the ability to get in touch with the right people at the right companies in order to sell domain names at the highest value for our clients.

Customer Service – BrandSOS works with a handful of domains at a time to give each sale extensive time and attention.

No Client Commitments – If a client is not be satisfied with the offers yielded, then our client will not pay any fee(s) for our services.

We also have no minimums, at which clients must sell, and our clients are free to accept or reject any offer.


The BrandSOS Advantage:

Our ability to sell domain names offers our clients these advantages:

  • Highest potential returns on domain name sales
  •  Low public exposure
  •  No commitments
  •  No upfront cost
  •  The final decision to sell domain names rests with our client