Domain Name Appraisal

Sometimes you just want to know what a domain name is worth. Maybe you’re deciding between several potential business names and want to know the cost of the corresponding domain names is. Perhaps you registered a domain name years ago but haven’t used it – and now you want to find out if it’s time to sell it.

No matter what the reason for your domain name appraisal, preparing an appropriate offer or price quote without the proper tools and experience can be difficult.


Why choose BrandSOS for your domain name appraisal?

Our clients choose BrandSOS for domain name appraisal because of our extensive knowledge of the market and the many factors that influence pricing, which can include everything from domain name length to domain name history.


The BrandSOS Advantage

BrandSOS establishes the standard against which to market your premium digital property – or decide to hold onto it. We do this by combining our:

  • Comprehensive research on brands, businesses, and industries with proprietary metric analysis tools
  • Extensive market knowledge and experience
  • Experience working with Fortune 500 companies as well as high-profile individuals

Our valuation process revolves around analyzing such assets from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective and then combining the analyses to generate a value range.