Determining the value of a domain name and buying or even selling that domain name for the right price can be hard — unless you have the right domain name brokers as your partner to guide you through the process.

BrandSOS works with clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their online branding efforts through the optimal ownership and use of:

  • domain names
  • social media usernames, and
  • other digital identifiers, such as gTLD extensions


Our domain name brokers provide the following services:


Buy Domain Names

Owning the right domain name or set of domain names is a critical part of protecting your brand’s reputation. The right domain names can also play a big role in the successful launch of a new campaign, initiative, or product line for your company. Work with domain name brokers who fully understand the ever-changing Internet landscape and discretely guide you through the process. Learn more about BrandSOS’s approach to buying domain names.



Sell Domain Names

BrandSOS understands that discretion and confidentiality are extremely important when selling your domain names. Fortune 500 companies and high-profile individuals trust our domain name brokers to sell their domains. Learn more about selling domain names through BrandSOS.



Domain Name Appraisal

Understanding what a domain name’s value is can be difficult. If you are trying to determine whether now is the time to buy or a sell a domain name, BrandSOS can help. Our domain name brokers have the experience and extensive industry knowledge to provide you with a clear understanding of your options. Learn more about our appraisal process.